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I grew up and spent most of my life in a small town in the north-east of France. San Francisco is my first real city experience. This website presents a collection of things and scenes that I have found while walking in the streets of San Francisco. This is a personal website, a testament of my personal experience: places I have been, things I have seen and decided to photograph.

  • jun 1 2016 - sep 30 2017: "chinese americans in new mexico" maxwell museum of anthropology, albuquerque, new mexico
  • jul 13 2013 - jul 28 2013: "2013 san francisco international photography exhibition" studio 17, 3265 17th st, san francisco, california (view flyer )
  • dec 1 2010 - feb 1 2011: "san franciscana", san francisco, california (view flyer )
  • oct 9 - nov 11 2009: "caught in the spotlight" bridgehead studios, alameda, california (view flyer )
  • oct 3 - nov 14 2008: "context", center for the arts, fremont, colorado
  • aug 7 2008: "garage: a visual exploration of time", space gallery, san francisco, california (view flyer )
  • I shoot daily and post a new photo on this site as often as I can. I do post photos in my portfolio's archives regularly as well.
  • Sometimes, I add a title and a little bit of information along with the photo but I'm always worried about giving too much away by doing that: I really want for the image to tell you the story, not words. That being said, I'm happy to respond to any questions you may have about the photos, so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.
  • All photos are shot in the city of San Francisco. Occasionally, I share photos from my trips around the world and post them in the category "not san francisco".
  • No archive photos are being posted, each photo posted was taken the day before, or occasionally, a few days before.
  • I make a point of trying to show you something you didn't expect.
  • All photos are candid.
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